Neo Simplify Neonatal Care


simplify neonatal care

nëo is the easiest-to-use solution for aEEG and EEG monitoring of the smallest and most fragile patients. nëo simplifies the workflow, from electrode application, event annotation, aEEG review to data export. It optimally integrates into the already busy NICU routine, and allows for both aEEG and EEG monitoring for all pathological term and preterm babies. With up to 8 channels, nëo can record rich data in the background for pediatric neurologists, while 2 channels aEEG are shown for routine monitoring. This allows experts to review valuable information whenever needed, without waiting for additional recordings during the critical phases.


Double Value

With 8-channel Continuous EEG, nëo provides diagnostics value to (pediatric) neurologists and an extended coverage for better seizure detection. The view can be easily adapted with a swipe of the finger, to display only the information most relevant to the respective clinician.


Diagnostics Support

Graphical indicators for Inter-Burst-Interval (IBI) and Burst Suppression Ration (BSR) quantify burst suppression patterns and help the bedside
personnel to make informed decisions about interventions, such as for seizure and hypothermia (HIE). The IBI indicator quantifies the duration
between bursts and can be used to help assess the severity of HIE. The BSR indicator represents the fraction of time the brain has spent in suppression and is highly predictive of adverse outcomes following hypoxic-ischemic injury.


Simplify routine application for greater patient coverage

Non-convulsive seizure can occur with pre-term babies and may damage brain function and delay brain development if not treated on time. By simplifying
the electrode application and the software interface, and by reducing the complexity of neonatal monitoring, aEEG monitoring can be applied on more preterm and pathological term babies. The greater patient coverage
means better diagnosis and treatment for babies that might otherwise develop pathologies with negative outcomes.

nëo maximizes the efficiency in the CFM routine and helps to monitor all pathological term and preterm babies.


Simplify expert communication for greater care

nëo is optimized for every care-taker in the NICU. The interface is designed to seamlessly integrate into the NICU by providing the right functionality depending on who is currently using the device. While 2 channels
aEEG is shown to bed-side staff and neonatologists during monitoring, up to 8 channels of referential EEG can be reviewed by neonatologists and neurologists for differential diagnostics. Data can easily be exported into
standard EEG formats at any time for advanced analysis.

With nëo, it is easier than ever before to bring in expert opinion in critical clinical cases.


A platform to grow together

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